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Every Little Bit Helps is a charity. Established in July 2014, we collect, pack and redistribute unwanted hotel toiletries, inflight amenity kits, cosmetic and make-up samples to those in need including the homeless, asylum seekers and victims of domestic violence as well as troubled youths through Women’s Refuge, Homeless Shelters, Youth Centres, Asylum Centres and Community Centres as well as via small Government and Community Groups.

The catalyst for establishing Every Little Bit Helps was learning that while there are many facilities providing laundry and shower facilities, most are able to supply little more than running water and previously did not have regular and reliable access to basic toiletry products.

We have drop-off locations in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, ACT and Sydney or alternatively you can mail your donations to us at PO Box 340, Forestville NSW 2087.

Our organisation is proudly run by volunteers across Australia but like every organisation we need to cover our running costs. These include shipping and distribution of our kits to the people we support, annual insurance and the bags we pack our kits in to. We appreciate any offers of financial support.

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We are going to need a bigger car AND we are going to need more donations! We are now committed to not one, not two, but THREE corporate packing days in April. This is going to be a huge undertaking, where we will be working with staff members from Objective Corporation Limited, Microsoft Store Flagship and Novartis on 3 separate events to create 1500+ care pack for our homeless. Sadly the need for our care pack has never been greater with the Australian Bureau of Statistics reporting yesterday that homelessness in Australia has risen, and in a previous report confirming that domestic and family violence has also risen. By simply donating your unused hotel toiletries, airline amenity kits, sanitary items as well as make-up and cosmetic samples to us, we are able to support people in need by providing them with access to essential items that they may not otherwise have access to though our care packs. Please support us where can. Even if you don’t have products to give right now a simple “Like” and a “share” will help us to spread the word! Every couple of weeks we acknowledge the people who have been generous enough to donate to us, as we ask that you help us in thanking the following for their support – Firstly a big thank you to Mardi & Ben for their financial support … and to the following for their product donations; Southern Cross Dental Colleen Duffy & friends R Regan Brooke & the team at Westpac Jacqui Price Kerin & Courtney Simmons Engle Jane Burgess & the team at @Molynycke Health Care Mardi H Mara those that have recently donated via our Mosman drop off location Tracey and those that have recently donated via our Newcastle drop off location including Erika Collis, Sue Scoular & Sandra Lapham Chartered Accountants ANZ NSW Karlie Brown D Grioli L Kerghley D Chiu Chindy Chau Lee Jane Richardson Smiles 2 U with thanks to Stephanie Prof Henry Woo Sue McNeil K Simmons Thank you also to those that have chosen to donate anonymously or via one of our many drop of locations. Thank you to each and every one of you. Of course what comes in must go out and we are pleased to say we have recently made donations to The Station, Plates for Mates as well as a donation on the way to Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) via Mummies Paying it Forward As always thank you for your support and thank you for remembering – Every Little Bit Helps.

Today the Australian Bureau of Statistics released its Estimating Homelessness report based on the 2016 census results. Alarmingly the report indicated homelessness across Australia has increased by almost 14,000 people. 1:200 Australians are currently homeless. Thank you for remembering - Every Little Bit Helps

Thank you for remembering Every Little Bit Helps